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About Me 

(It's really about you.)

'A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed professional providing administrative, technical, or creative support to your business remotely.' 

What you want to know is, 'So what? Do I need a Virtual Assistant?'

The right assistant can make a world of difference to you and your business.  My job is to take essential tasks off your desk giving you back precious time for your business, your partner, your family, your hobbies, or whatever you need. Just like a regular PA or EA, except that I work from my home instead of your office. And I buy my own teabags. Cool, right?

So, why hire me?


I have 25+ years' experience, across a range of industry sectors. (To read my testimonials click here)

I have lived and worked across three continents, and therefore approach your project with insight and strategies gleaned from international experience across multiple disciplines.


And that means you get the very best executive support, from a self -confessed grammar nerd! 

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