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Soak up the sun

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Are you taking time off this summer? As a small business owner, it can seem impossible to step away from your business long enough to have a 'proper' break - whatever that means to you.

It's happened to us all - you take your eye off things for a split second and you miss an opportunity that comes in via email. You fail to respond to a query IMMEDIATELY on Instagram or Facebook, and the client goes elsewhere.

This is particularly relevant for solopreneurs and smaller businesses, where you, the founder, take on every mundane-yet-important task, either out of the need to be in control of EVERYTHING (you know who you are), or because there simply isn't anyone else in the team who has the ability or capacity to do it.

This is when a professional VA becomes worth their weight in gold. Outsourcing routine tasks and bigger projects frees up time for you and your team, and also provides essential backup for busy periods and holidays without committing your business to additional longterm overheads.

If you're not taking time off this summer, why not? Can you take a break in early autumn?

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