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You will never finish your 'to do' list.

'To Do' lists Are Infinite.

Depressing, yes. But, am I wrong?

Do we EVER reach the bottom of a 'to do' list? No, because there's always going to be something to add to it.

So, I will share two things I have learned:

  • ‘to do’ lists never end

  • everyone could use a little help now and again

I’m Jerri. I happen to be a Virtual Assistant (VA) and I have a solution.

If you’ve just emerged from hiding, you may be wondering what a VA is, and who would hire one. There are as many different types of VAs as there are businesses, but in a nutshell we remotely work with a team of people or an individual, with whatever business support they need – we can support you in the same way of the ‘old school’ PA/Secretary or Administrator. We might take over filling in your expenses. Perhaps you hate doing presentations, or can’t keep on top of your email inbox.

Basically, if there is something that you need to delegate, and there is no one available to take that work off your desk, you can hire a Virtual Assistant to do it for you.

Here’s a short list of some of the support we can offer:

· Inbox and diary management

· Transcription

· Copywriting

· Community management

· Research

· Bookkeeping

· Presentations/Slide Dec

· Minute taking

· Social media support

· Admin & operational support

· Website support

· Travel planning and booking

· Blog writing and scheduling

· HR support

· GDPR support

· Policies and procedure creation

Key differences between a VA and a PA: I work from home, and supply my own equipment. I pay my own taxes and I buy my own teabags. I am self employed, which is a very important aspect: we are not employees. You incur no additional costs, no NI, PAYE or pension costs.

Clients can book a single hour of my time, or retain my services for up to 10 hours every week with no commitment: they pay a flat hourly rate.

Who hires a VA?

Well, anyone who needs help! Let me add a caveat: people who can’t (or don't want to) employ a temp or a permanent member of staff, now hire a VA. It’s a new way of working, becoming more efficient and cost effective. They may be:

  • business owners/founders

  • company directors

  • trades people

  • lawyers

  • entrepreneurs

  • accountants

  • sole traders

  • consultants

  • marketing agencies

  • freelance creatives

  • podcast hosts

  • authors

  • shop owners

  • estate agents

  • events organisers

  • jugglers (yes, I've heard this one)

  • public figures

If you, or someone you know is snowed under and needs some help, email with a rough sketch of what you need.

Speak soon,


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