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Haute Digital


This innovative digital marketing start-up company has increased their reach by 400% in just two years of operation. They wanted to reflect these changes and refresh their web copy. I felt their website didn't truly reflect their unique niche market, which is mountain top digital media in the Alps resorts. 


I re-wrote their Home Page and About us, to give a more personal and approachable vibe to their website. I also created copy for a Landing page, to capture potential clients looking for their exclusive end-of-season discount.

The images are my own mock-up to illustrate how the copy could look on a web page. 

To see the final product visit Haute Digital.

Haute Digital Landing Page
Haute Digital Home page
Home page copywriting

Social Media


East Keswick Yoga Studio



When I set up my own Yoga Studio, I needed additional social media exposure to raise brand awareness and increase class sales, particularly for my Beginner and Intermediate classes. 


I created a content calendar for Facebook and Instagram which included tips for Beginners and Intermediates, links to guided meditation, Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives, inspirational quotes and links to the website. I scheduled posts weekly in advance, with a theme and the studio logo running throughout.  I also created content for my Pregnancy Yoga classes and Mother and Baby Yoga classes, and was able to track the success of my advertising through the different media challenges.

Jerri Ryder Yoga
Social Media Campaigns
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