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VA Secrets Revealed: Get Your Digital Sh*t Together

VA Secrets Revealed: Get Your Digital Sh*t Together

As a professional VA, I get loads of organisational questions, so here is the first in my series of ‘Organise your sh*t’ posts.

Let's dive right into the exciting world of organising your digital files, LOL. I know – it’s boring and no one wants to do it. But the alternative – losing your precious work, or photos, or…god forbid…music. Doesn’t bear thinking about. So, here are my six top tips on how to get your sh*t together and maintain some semblance of sanity in this digital jungle.

First things first, let's talk about creating a folder structure. Start by whipping up a system of folders that actually makes sense to you. Think about it like building your own little file kingdom. You can have folders for work, personal stuff, photos, music, and whatever else floats your boat. And don't stop there! Get wild and create subfolders within each category to keep things super organised.

Now, onto tip number two. Naming your files consistently is the key, my friends. Don't go all crazy with special characters, spaces, or super long names that require a magnifying glass to read. Keep it simple, clear, and concise. Your file names should be like tiny superheroes, accurately describing what's inside. Trust me, it'll save you from endless frustration later on.

Tip number three takes it a step further – go in and rename files in line with your new, sexy structure. You won’t regret the time you spend doing this.

Moving on to tip number four, we're talking dates. When including dates in your file names, keep things consistent with a format like YYYY-MM-DD. It'll make your life so much easier when you're searching for files based on creation or modification dates. Plus, it adds a touch of order to the digital chaos. I LOVE this tip, and for certain file types it really makes sense. Note: Evergreen content won’t need this formatting structure. More about that in another post.

Tip number five is all about decluttering like a champ. If you are a hoarder by nature, this is going to be painful. Regularly say goodbye to files you no longer need or use. Get rid of the digital baggage that's weighing you down, my friend. By deleting unnecessary files, you'll clear up your folders, making it a breeze to find the important stuff when you need it most.

And last but not least, tip number six is a no-brainer: backup, backup, backup! Protect your precious files from the evil clutches of data loss. Make it a habit to regularly backup your files, whether it's to an external hard drive, a trusty cloud storage service, or any other backup system that tickles your fancy. Trust me, you'll sleep better at night knowing your files are safe and sound.

So there you have it, folks. Follow my organisational tips, and you'll be well on your way to digital file nirvana. If you need some help with your organisational chaos, drop me a message by hopping over to my contact me page.

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